Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The beginnings of a new range!

Quite excited about this one!!!  The 'Beachcomber' Range.

Chris and I often walk along the shores of The Solent which is quite close to where we live in Fareham, Hants.  Some of our favourite haunts are Hill Head, Lee-on-the-Solent, Portchester, Hayling Island and Milford-on-Sea.  We have even been known to go out to Selsey at times.

As artists we are always on the lookout for inspirational finds, and over the years have picked up many a pretty piece of pottery, or "must have" pieces of driftwood.  As the collection grows, and I look through the finds, I often wonder what we can do with them. 

As with most of my "good ideas" this one came to me in the shower.  Why not upcycle them into useful or decorative items.  So that is what we are doing.

The jewellery pieces are carefully ground to remove sharp edges, while keeping as close to the original found shape as possible, they have a hole drilled through (carefully) and thoroughly cleaned before adding a ring and chain to complete.

The wooden pieces are from found wood.  This had obviously not been around long enough for the sea to round the edges, but enough to make it look rugged. After drying it out we painted and distressed the wood some more, before printing onto it and sealing with a polyurethane varnish suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

We quite like the results. What do you think?