Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blast from the past!

A few weeks ago my brother Frank cleared out his 3 bedroomed house, as he had sold it and was moving into a smaller one bed place.  It stands to reason that a lot of "stuff" had to go, and as I was helping with the removal I was on hand to say "don't throw that away, I can use that".  I'm one for reusing, recycling and upcyling where possible.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Frank was on the verge of getting rid of some old Beano and Dandy comic books that he had kept for years, so you can guess who claimed them!!!

At the moment I am into making bags. Tote bags in particular at this time, and I got to thinking how I could incorporate the comics books into the bags.

The result is this

An original Mothership Makes (a division of Decima Designs) tote with a pvc covered panel holding a page from a 1992 Beano comic book.  I think it looks pretty good!  On sale soon!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Well, who would have guessed???

Well, would you credit it?  It's August Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, we are attending a Craft and Garden Show at the National Trust Propery of Kingston Lacy near Wimborne Minster in Dorset over the 3 days and guess's raining!!!!!

Good old British weather,  just after we arrived at Kingston Lacy today to set up it started to rain a little, then it got harder, then it poured.  Getting our products from the van into the marquee in the rain was not much fun.  Luckily we have just invested in a range of lidded plastic boxes to store our stock in, so nothing got wet (except for Chris who was unloading the van).  Me......I just stood inside the marquee and took the boxes from her!!!

It's difficult to decide what to put out at some of these shows, as this one is termed as "Craft and Garden" we thought we would hedge our bets and put a wide(ish) selection, some garden stuff and some craft.  You just never know.

Anyhow, this is how our stand looked before we left it overnight in the marquee, hope its not too windy tonight! 

Friday, 3 August 2012

More new kids

Well, what do you know!  Playing around and experimenting with fabric is great.  I sorted out my fabric stash this week. I got it all organized, measured and cataloged, but then just HAD to do something with it.  Some time ago I had seen some lovely little fabric brooches somewhere, so I thought I would try doing my own variation on them.  Here is the result.

Once this was done, I moved onto bags.  I have been wanting to try making a reversible tote bag for some time now.  Well now I've done it!

This comes with its own removable embellishment/brooch

Here is the lovely Diana modelling

These may very well be going onto our new Etsy shop in the very near future!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The beginnings of a new range!

Quite excited about this one!!!  The 'Beachcomber' Range.

Chris and I often walk along the shores of The Solent which is quite close to where we live in Fareham, Hants.  Some of our favourite haunts are Hill Head, Lee-on-the-Solent, Portchester, Hayling Island and Milford-on-Sea.  We have even been known to go out to Selsey at times.

As artists we are always on the lookout for inspirational finds, and over the years have picked up many a pretty piece of pottery, or "must have" pieces of driftwood.  As the collection grows, and I look through the finds, I often wonder what we can do with them. 

As with most of my "good ideas" this one came to me in the shower.  Why not upcycle them into useful or decorative items.  So that is what we are doing.

The jewellery pieces are carefully ground to remove sharp edges, while keeping as close to the original found shape as possible, they have a hole drilled through (carefully) and thoroughly cleaned before adding a ring and chain to complete.

The wooden pieces are from found wood.  This had obviously not been around long enough for the sea to round the edges, but enough to make it look rugged. After drying it out we painted and distressed the wood some more, before printing onto it and sealing with a polyurethane varnish suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

We quite like the results. What do you think?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Stansted Garden Show

Hello all,

This weekend we are taking part in the prestigious Stansted Garden Show in Rowlands Castle, Hampshire.  Open from 10am - 5pm 15/16/17 June.  A great day out for all the family. Lots to see and buy for the garden and home, along with speciality foods and children's entertainment.

The Decima Design stall at The Stansted Garden Show

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Craftfest - online craft fair

Hello all,

We are trying something different next weekend (as well as attending a craft event at Winchester Discovery Centre), we are taking part in CRAFTFEST.  This is an online craft fair, open 24hours of the day for a week, where we will be hosting a virtual craft stall.  The way it works (I think) is that visitors wander around the virtual stores buying unique handmade gifts etc directly from the maker.  It all sounds very exciting, and we are looking forward to taking part.

More details later in the week.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Another busy weekend

Well here we are at Friday again.  I'm sure the week keeps losing days! 
It's another busy weekend for Decima Designs as we split ourselves between two arts trails. The Emsworth Arts Trail, as mentioned last week, is where Chris will be. And I will be at our studio, along with Alan Longmore, as part of the Havant May Days Arts Trail.  Pop along if you have time!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Emsworth Arts Trail

If anyone has some spare time over this Bank Holiday weekend, you could do worse than visit some of us artists on the Emsworth Arts Trail. There is a very good selection of artists working in a variety of media, and work is generally for sale.  You will find Decima Designs under the umbrella of Group AF at location 35 (20 Tudor Avenue)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Firle Garden Show

Well, I think I am just about recovered from a really good weekend at the Firle Garden Show in East Sussex.

Chris and I were exhibiting at the show, so we set off on Thurs morning with our camper van "Bob" crammed to the gunnells with stock, tables, gridwall and all our bedding and clothes etc. for 3 nights camping.

I can tell you that the show was certainly a brilliant day out for all the family, with entertainment, birds of prey, childrens play as well as the expected plant and garden stalls and gift marquees.

As a stallholder I was fairly pleased with how the show went in terms of customers, and although we were in sun for most of the time, all around seemed to be having torrential rain!!!

Hats off to Jane and her team for a very well organized show, she is also hosting the Stansted Garden Show, Hampshire in June where we are also exhibiting so I am really looking forward to that event.

BTW "Bob" did us proud both in the travelling and accomodation department.  Well done Bob!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Successful Day

Well, looking out of the window this morning before setting up stall at the Unique Craft Market at The Spring in Havant, I was very doubtful as to whether many people would be around today seeing as it was pouring with rain!

But, lo and behold, about 30 mins after the market opened the sun shone and the punters started to arrive.  It turned out to be quite busy by lunchtime.

Our best seller of the day was.....................................

Etched aluminium plant labels!!!  This picture doesn't do them justice, but at £2 each or 3 for £5 they were going like hotcakes. BTW nobody bought just one.

Gardening and flowers were certainly in the air because the other items we sold several of were fused glass plant sticks, copper foiled butterfly plant sticks and fused glass bud vases.

So all in all a successful and profitable day.

Although the Unique Market is a monthly event, we won't be there next month as it's on over the Easter period and we will be at a BIG show at Somerley then.  In May we will be taking part in the Emsworth Arts trail when the market is on, and in June we will be at the Winchester Discovery Centre, so not back at The Spring until July.

Oh...........and.............we, along with several other stallholders were interviewed for Angel Radio!

Friday, 17 February 2012

A good day for raku

Today has been a good day!

Decided to do a bit of raku today, as the weather was at least dry, if not sunny.  Some die hard ceramists will tell you that you cannot raku during the winter months, but we have never found a problem with it.  Maybe it is the reasonably mild climate in the South of England that helps.....who knows.

Anyway, about a week ago I had glazed some tiles with a picture of an old ironmongers in Havant, Hampshire, that has been empty since the end of 2007 (I think).  The building is looking a little neglected now, and it's once beautiful clock has fallen into disrepair with a big hole in the bottom.  But I think, for me, the most poignant part of the picture are the Christmas lights still hanging from when the store was closed for the last time.......This road in Havant has now become a bit of a ghost town, with many of its shops boarded up.

So today was the day that the tiles were raku fired.  Here is the result!

My Inspiration photo

Friday, 3 February 2012

Going selling (hopefully) tomorrow

Oh my word, what a busy week!!!! Been getting 'stuff' made for our first craft fair of the year tomorrow.  It's the first of a new monthly makers market being held at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, East Street, Havant, Hants

Copper Foiled hanging Heart

We thought we would take along some smaller things like fused glass fridge magnets, and copper foiled hanging hearts, seeing as Valentines Day and Mother's Day are coming up.

A selection of our fridge magnets

My daughter has been unemployed for a couple of weeks (she started a new job today!) and has been making patchwork padded hearts and matching greetings cards to compliment our range of hearts.  So we will be giving these an outing for her tomorrow to see what sort of response they get.

Matching heart and greetings card

Beautiful padded patchwork hearts

Hopefully there will be a fair amount of footfall, as The Spring has clubs etc going on during the day, and also I think the event has been well advertised. We shall see, fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What a difference a day makes!!!

Last Monday (16/01/12) I was blissfully unaware of what the week had in store for me! By Tuesday evening bad things started to happen, and you know how the old saying goes "things come in three's", well not wrong there.

Tuesday evening my daughter was told that the new job she was starting the following morning had been made redundant.  Having recently taken out a new mortgage, you can imagine that this was a bit of a blow for her, however as a small consolation she has been able to put them in breach of contract and claim a months pay. 

On Wednesday morning I had a phone call to say my son was in casualty suffering from chest pains and difficulty breathing.  He was given all the usual tests for a heart attack, but fortunately this was not the case, he was suffering from Pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the sac around the heart.

On Sunday my brother, who suffers from Dermatomyositis, was taken to hospital with light headedness and chest pains so again all the tests for heart attack were run. Again, this was not the case and he was diagnosed with esophageal spasms, .  He was kept in overnight and released yesterday.

So as you can see, a fairly traumatic week!

BUT...............from the midst of these troubles have come forth some new work!  Oddly enough though, one of the new pieces is a heart shaped tiffany suncatcher...........was someone trying to tell us something?????????

We have also started a new line that we are calling Pic Stics. These little fella's are about 3cm wide and 14cm long, and are fused glass.  They will be presented with a ribbon to hang, and a gift bag.

We are also working on some fused glass fridge/noticeboard magnets at the moment, as well as leaded hanging strips, so I will post piccies of these when they are ready.

Hopefully the rest of this week will continue like a well oiled machine!
LOL...........who am I trying to kid!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A bit of housekeeping

Well, what do you know?  Not only have we managed to update the website over the past week, but we have also at long last (18 months after opening it) finally managed to get some "stuff" posted to our Folksy shop.

Also I have finally managed to get my head around Twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's loads easier to use than I thought it would be, especially as I've linked it to my phone ;o)!/DecimaDesigns1

So there we have it....................making inroads at last!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year to All

Hello everyone, and a Happy New Year.

Today has been a computer day for Chris and I.  We have been updating the website with course dates etc. and have also decided to go for a new image in our header.  This image is a close up of a photo which one of us took some time ago, it has been manipulated in Photoshop and then we have fused the image onto glass to make a framed picture from.

We can produce images from anyone's photo's, either digital or conventional paper, and we find these work really well with vintage photographs, as below

We have a busy year in front of us, with several shows and events, not least an exhibition with our art group Group AF at The Spring in Havant, Hants starting early March. Details of our activities this year can be found under the events tab on our website.

Here's hoping everyone has a happy and healthy 2012