Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Craft Fairs

Make, make, make, that's all we seem to be doing at the moment.  Lots of bits and pieces to make for a couple of Christmas Craft Fairs that are coming up and also for selling at 1000 Lakeside, North Harbour Portsmouth next Tuesday.

We will be at the Christmas Craft Fair at Making Space, Leigh Park, Havant, Hants on 3rd & 4th December, and on the same day (3rd) we will also have a stall at a Christmas Fete in Wickham.

On 10th December we will be at a Christmas Fair in Rowlands Castle, Hants.

Come along and say hello if you are in these areas!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Changed Back

As you may have noticed the look of the blog has changed back to the original.  It was decided by the executive committee (me!!!) that it was better to have the information bar down the right side of the page making it easier for visitors to see info about courses etc.

Some of you may be interested in visiting our web portfolio that we have been working on recently.  There are a few pics of our work up, and we are hoping to continue adding more as time goes on. The link is:

Until next time, bye bye

Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Look to the Blog

Hello everyone

I've been playing again, and thought that I would try the new Dynamic View for the blog, what do you think of it?  I quite like it because you can see earlier postings at a glance instead of having to search through them.

It's been a really busy week this week.  Lot's of time spent in the studio making work for our Christmas shows.  We don't have a lot going on this year as regards this type of event, but we are at 1000 Lakeside, Portsmouth at the end of November, as well as taking part in the Christmas Craft Fair at Making Space on 3rd and 4th December.  We also have a stall at a Christmas Fete in Wickham on 3rd December and one at a Craft Event in Rowlands Castle on 10th December.

There are a selection of our snowmen Christmas tree decorations in Poppy Charlotte at Selborne.  This little shop is well worth a visit, as it stocks all sorts of gifts ideas, many in the vintage style.

I have also decided recently to try my hand at painting.  Many years ago I used to do a lot of pencil drawing, but didn't really get into painting.  What do you think of my first attempt?

Maybe back to the drawing board eh???

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hi all, more good news, we have been accepted for 3 fairly large craft and garden shows next year. So with the Stansted and Firle Place shows as well next year we will be extra busy with the making. No rest for the wicked!